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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God
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NovelReincarnation Of The Strongest Sword GodReincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God
Chapter 2944 – Chapter 18 – Shocking Technique curved skinny
Following turning up in the battlefield, Gu Tong promptly a.n.a.lyzed the battlefield and shouted instructions to his teammates. Together, he triggered his Stealth proficiency and billed at Wu Lingling without hesitation.
Gu Tong couldn’t assist but be puzzled when he saw Wu Lingling’s insufficient effect. In the view, a pro like Wu Lingling should essentially put up a struggle even when confronted with this kind of weak situation. Nevertheless, now…
“It’s finally commencing!”

Initially, Luo Tiancheng had still been rather concerned that Gu Tong would improve smooth-hearted against his challenger and select to battle Wu Lingling 1-on-an individual. In the event that taken place, it may well give Wu Lingling a significantly increased chance of successful. That, subsequently, would boost s.h.i.+ Feng’s functionality for an coach.
Even though Gu Tong was talking over techniques with his teammates, the timer over the holding out location accomplished checking lower. Right away, the trio discovered them selves teleported to a woodland and noticed Wu Lingling, who wielded two longswords and was clad in light gold armour, standing up beside a huge tree which had been around 100 back yards clear of them.
Meanwhile, as soon as the various instructors and Guild professionals found this world, they couldn’t guide but weep outside in delight.
Again around the battleground, Lieyun got presently came before Wu Lingling and swung his challenge axe at her, the two-given weapon issuing a blinding brilliance and boosting in size simply because it designed its strategy to Wu Lingling.
“Mirage Techniques?!”
Having said that, Mirage Techniques was actually a special footwork that even frontline industry experts obtained difficulty learning. Everyone ideal for understanding it may be deemed a strong expert even in very first-rate Guilds.
Regarding Gu Tong, he proved no objectives of dodging Lieyun’s attack, possibly. Instead, he specific each of his recognition on hitting Wu Lingling’s disadvantages and securing off any probable routes of retreat for those Swordsman.
Thru a corner of his vision, Gu Tong actually discovered Wu Lingling standing up a quick yardage from the him, acting just like a spectator as she looked at him and Lieyun carrying out their suicidal a.s.sault.
On the other hand, as soon as Gu Tong finished talking, a crisp and fairly sweet speech suddenly came out from beside him.
Via the corner of his eye, Gu Tong actually saw Wu Lingling ranking a brief long distance clear of him, acting much like a spectator as she observed him and Lieyun undertaking their suicidal a.s.sault.
“The problem now is whether Gu Tong will invest in a an individual-on-an individual deal with. I been told that Gu Tong is dealing with Wu Lingling as his competitor and that he intends on winning over her to protected him or her self as primary among the list of freshmen.”
The multitude of college students, trainers, and Guild management current held a hushed topic as they quite simply considered the holographic present with fantastic interest.

“It’s finally beginning!”

The countless authorities during the market speedily comprehended the cause for a couple Wu Linglings to seem on the battleground. Observing as there were actually no fluctuations inside the Mana around Wu Lingling, the female definitely did not employ a Expertise or Spell. Thereby, really the only justification they are able to develop with this problem was that Wu Lingling acquired performed Mirage Measures, a straightforward deal with process.
As well, Gu Tong acquired utilised Shadow Techniques and showed up behind Wu Lingling. Then, he brandished his daggers at Wu Lingling’s back again.
Does she sacrifice?
Glancing with the cause of the sound, Gu Tong immediately observed himself surprised.
In terms of Gu Tong, he demonstrated no intentions of dodging Lieyun’s attack, frequently. Instead, he centered every one of his awareness on dazzling Wu Lingling’s flaws and closing off of any attainable tracks of retreat for that Swordsman.
For Bingshou, she drew her longbow and employed the Tier 3 Breeze Wings against Wu Lingling. Then, once she released her bow, 8-10 arrows golf shot beyond her bow and turned into rotor blades of wind power that flew at Wu Lingling from various instructions, trimming away from Wu Lingling’s pathways of escape.

Section 2944 Chapter 18 – Shocking Strategy
When Lieyun listened to Gu Tong’s control, he instantly reacted and stimulated the Level 3 Flame Charge, changing in to a large golf ball of fire that charged at Wu Lingling.
In this situation, regardless if Wu Lingling possessed observed Gu Tong’s reputation behind her, there was clearly nothing at all she could do to prevent both Lieyun’s and Gu Tong’s suicidal problems. The sole thing she could do was prefer to avoid certainly one of their attacks. On the other hand, no matter what assault Wu Lingling decide to evade, she would still get killed by the other person’s assault.
Back about the battleground, even if Lieyun’s gigantified axe and Gu Tong’s shadow snakes were definitely on the verge of devour Wu Lingling, Wu Lingling actually stayed motionless, acting almost like she had not discovered the two problems forthcoming at her.
“I comprehend. You may relaxation a.s.sured, Superior Gu,” Lieyun, a Berserker who was nearly two m taller and clad in armor, mentioned and nodded.
“How ruthless!”

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